You get a code, and you get a code, everyone wants a promo code!

  • Do you offer promo or discount codes? plus icon minus icon
  • We occasionally offer promo codes seasonally, during special events, or for limited edition collections, and collaborations. Follow us on Instagram @ampedandco to be in the know! OR Sign up for our... See more
  • How do I use a promo code? plus icon minus icon
  • To apply a promo or discount code to your order, enter the code at checkout once you've added items to your cart.  If you have received a special code, it must be entered before the shipping infor... See more
  • Will you have Black Friday or holiday promotions? plus icon minus icon
  • Actually, Black Friday is our biggest storewide sale of the year! We rarely ever run storewide sales, except for the Cyber5 weekend (as it's known) to kick off the holiday shopping season. Yay! We ... See more
  • My promo code is not working! plus icon minus icon
  • If you have received a discount or promotional code that is not working at checkout, first check the expiry date. Exclusive time sensitive codes are only valid for a limited time, once they expire ... See more
  • Can you apply a discount code after I placed my order? plus icon minus icon
  • If you forgot to enter a discount code before checking out, or received a promo code after you placed an order, unfortunately we can't apply it for you or reimburse once you have completed your ord... See more
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