Order modifications, changes, and cancellations.

  • Address Changes plus icon minus icon
  • To change the shipping address on your order, please contact our support team right away. We can only update the shipping address prior to your order shipping. Orders ship same business day before ... See more
  • Remove Items from an Order plus icon minus icon
  • Removing items from an order that has already shipped is not possible, we're sorry! We ship all orders before 2 pm EST Monday to Friday excluding holidays. It is possible that your order may have s... See more
  • How to Cancel an Order plus icon minus icon
  • We hope it doesn’t come to this, but if you do need to cancel your order please contact us immediately to catch the order before it is shipped. Once your order is placed it is automatically process... See more
  • Add or Change Items in an Order plus icon minus icon
  • Adding additional items or requesting modifications to the products in your order is not possible, we're sorry! We are not able to charge a payment method used on an order for security and fraud re... See more
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