• How do I order a custom neon sign? plus icon minus icon
  • Our simple process makes it easy for anyone to create and own their very own custom neon sign! Get started by filling out out our intake form at ampedandco.com/custom  (it only takes a few minutes... See more
  • Benefits of LED Neon plus icon minus icon
  • Similar to real glass neon, LED neon is used to make illuminated signs with a high level of detail. Although LED neon doesn't have the same "gritty" look as real neon, there are inherent benefits u... See more
  • Mounting colours and styles plus icon minus icon
  • Acrylic Backing In order for the LED Neon tubing to retain its shape, it must be mounted on a piece of acrylic using a strong adhesive. Clear acrylic is by far the most popular as it minimizes the... See more
  • Who can I contact for larger custom neon orders? plus icon minus icon
  • If you are looking for a bulk order of neon signs (> 10 pieces), please contact custom@ampedandco.com with your details and we'll be happy to help. For orders less than 10 pieces, please fill out o... See more
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